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The CLX.ATM-Server is designed to give you complete freedom and flexibility.

  • Performance, security and convenience for your customers

    The CLX.ATM-Server is the high-performance and absolutely reliable transaction server for ATMs. It is designed for non-stop operation without manual intervention and has a proven track record over many years.

    When withdrawing cash from an ATM is easy, fast and convenient, there's usually a CLX.ATM-Server in the picture. We aren't satisfied with the standard availability of 99.6% in 24/7 operation (SIX Telekurs specification) – we go even better and offer 100%.

    The CLX.ATM-Server architecture is designed for top performance, and the intelligent software delivers security and convenience to ATM users and financial institutions.


  • The CLX.ATM-Server is on your wavelength

    This virtue creates an advantage that yields benefits for ATM customers and financial institutions every day. The CLX.ATM-Server looks after the control and monitoring of the devices on the customer front, including ATMs, deposit devices and coin counters. It provides high-performance data exchange between the bank host and the ATMs. Even if the host is unavailable, the full scope of services on the customer front remains available. The server system has all the data (cards, balances, limits, etc.) necessary to continue serving your customers without interruption.

    Redundant servers for 100% availability

    The basic CLX.ATM-Server consists of a pair of mutually synchronised servers. The customer devices (ATMs) are distributed over both servers, and if necessary they can be switched from the primary server to the backup server. This also applies to the bank host, which can switch from the primary server to the backup server at any time. The CLX.ATM-Server regards "offline" as a purely theoretical concept, since it constantly operates reliably online and always knows the customers and their limits.

    Perfect service and full performance for your ATM customers

    The transaction processing time is around 0.02 seconds, and data is exchanged with the bank with no delay. The speedy response provides convenience, and the integrated intelligence provides security. The CLX.ATM-Server recognises your customers at ATMs, including annotations, various balances and limits. The server knows what to do and prevents false withdrawals. Even when the bank host is temporarily inaccessible.

    The CLX.ATM-Server supports all services and transactions desired on customer devices. Such as withdrawing cash in the bank's own currency, euros or foreign currency. Displaying the account balance, card balance or available balance. It can handle transfers between accounts, deposits, multiple accounts per card, and much more. In other words, no matter what ATM services financial institutions want to offer their customers, the CLX.ATM-Server makes it possible – quickly, reliably and securely.

    Flexible and compatible

    The CLX.ATM-Server can work with devices and software from all manufacturers. This gives you total freedom in the selection of your devices, including mix-and-match. A mixture of different products and device types can be used in the same network without any problems.

    This flexibility goes even further: modifications to terminal device software, new devices or new functions, amendments to the SIX Telekurs BM requirements specification, or revised host interfaces – the CLX.ATM-Server takes them all in its stride and adapts immediately to changed conditions. We look after this as part of our maintenance service, at no additional charge.

    Key features at a glance

    • The CLX.ATM-Server delivers top performance and unsurpassed reliability
    • 100% availability thanks to a well-conceived system architecture
    • Supports devices and software from all manufacturers
    • Supports all desired transactions
    • Always accessible online, even when the bank host is down
    • Economical, versatile and flexible

    With the CLX.ATM-Server, you can rest assured that the performance of all automated devices on the customer front is just as good as the performance of your financial institution.

  • Thank you for your trust.

    Financial institutions that have opted for the CREALOGIX solution:

    • Baloise Bank SoBa
    • Banca della Svizzera Italiana (B-Source SA)
    • Bank Coop
    • Bank Linth
    • Basel Cantonal Bank
    • National Bank of Liechtenstein
    • Novartis Pharma AG
    • Verwaltungs- und Privatbank